Agate Air Planter



An air plant attached to an Agate Slice that also houses a tumble stone of your choice.

The Plant will be chosen by our creator to suit your Agate Slice & crystal choice

How to care for you Air plant:

Air plants are able to take all water and food in through their leaves NOT their Roots
They can adapt to most environments.
– They can be kept inside with plenty of sunlight beaming in on them
– Outdoors in partially shaded ares
– In the Cold they prefer dry positions
– When its warmer they love it almost anywhere

Watering your Air Plant:

They require regular watering as they don’t store water in their roots like most plants.
Water can be applied with a water spray directly to the plants leaves or a dunk under a gentle running tap.
In hot or dry areas they can be watered up to twice a week but in the cooler more moist months you may water yourAir Plant every one to three weeks -keep in mind if your plant is indoors with a heater on they may require more watering.
A weak dose of fertiliser can be added to the water in the warmer months.
Your plant should be allowed to almost dry out between watering.

Some plants may flower When mature this may take 4 to 20 years.

(dry off your tumble crystal with a towel if you accidentally squirt it- the choices of crystals we offer are generally ok if they get wet but we still suggest you dry them off.)


*Each Design is unique therefore Colours, Tones & sizes of stones may vary, this sizing chart is set as a guide-

*Agate slice size: 3cm x 5-7cm
*Tumble stone size: 2-4cm
*Air Plant size: 3-8cm


Please note:  If you choose the Tigers eye stone; there are two variations- Creator will choose between Red Tigers eye or Gold Tigers eye (if you want to choose a specific colour yourself please add note at checkout)