Agate Geode w/ Black Calcite spots



This Gorgeous Agate Geode is a grounding and brings with it Strength, Courage and miraculous healing powers.  
This piece has so much beautiful delicate banding with an array Black Calcite spots within its druzy hollow. The black inclusions inside is in the form of spots these spots are rare black calcite.

It’s harmonising and rebalancing to the body, mind and spirit.
Agate enhances concentration and mental function.  
It soothes, calms and allows healing with inner anger or tension that one may be dealing with.
Agate can also give the feeling of security and safety.

How to care for your Agate Geode 
Measuring 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale these chalcedony geodes look delicate but are quiet strong.
Due to the Black calcite in this stone we suggest you only use a damp cloth on the outer of the stone and not in the hollow as you may damage the black calcite. 
Agate is a form of lava and that’s where its strength comes from hence why it has strong grounding abilities.

Chemical compound 
Silicon dioxide

Weighing 363grams
Measuring 6cm high x 8cm long x 7.5cm wide