Angel Aura Quartz Generator



Angel aura is created pairing high vibrational clear quartz crystal with the highest vibrational metal- Platinum. It’s Microns are bonded through a special process called vacuum metalising.

Angel aura quartz will definitely help lift your mood and help you to explore new paths during meditation.
These Dazzling, bright beauties are a most positive & powerful crystal bringing greater joy, stronger connections and a deeper spiritual sense to ones life. It will help restore faith and reignite the inner child in you.
They bring Purifying and balancing effects to your Chakras and help you open any energy blocks.

This Angel Aura Quartz is of highest quality quartz with delightful inclusions

Please Choose your desired size from the drop down choice list.
Height choices are as follows:

Base width vary from 2-3cm will be chosen intuitively.