Apophyllite Freeform



Apophyllite is tranquil and calming it encourages honesty to ones self as well as to others.

It’s a great stone to keep around when in a stressful situation. It helps clear negative thought patterns.
It also has the ability to release mental, physical and spiritual anxiety, fear and worry.
Helping bring you back into full alignment whilst energetically clearing negative energies in a room.

It is a great stone for healing work – It is an excellent transmitter Between the spiritual and physical world being such a high vibrational Crystal.

Origin: Deccan Traprocks of India. They are one of the largest volcanic provinces of the world .
Weight – 1.48kg
height – 6cm
width – 11cm
length – 21cm

How to care for Apophyllite: 
It is a brittle and  soft stone, its MOH’s hardness is at 4.5-5 and is NOT water Safe. Your Apophyllite crystal will dissolve in water.
To Cleanse an Apophyllite crystal you can use a smudging, white lighting or singing bowl technique.
To dust – please use a very soft toothbrush to get into all the nooks and crannies.
Remember Apophyllite can easily scratch, chip or fracture please always handle with care.

Chemical Compound:
Hydrated Potassium, Calcium Sodium, Silicate Fluoride & Hydroxide