Mangano Calcite Heart



Mangano Calcite is a stone of peace, well being and forgivness… It helps to release fear and grief that may keep the heart trapped in the past, bringing in unconditional love.

Also Known as Pink Calcite, it has an extremely loving energy that gently dissolves resistance. It is an ideal stone for those who suppress their emotions.
It has the ability to root out deep-seated causes for acknowledgment and release.
Mangano Calcite is an excellent stone for those who have difficulty connecting with their emotions or who tend to bury their emotions beneath sarcasm.
It can help one become more honest in their communications and can help prevent passive-aggressive behaviour or irrational anger.

Pink Calcite can also be called a stone of Peace and is used to dispel arguments and stubbornness in oneself and others, It allows one to be more empathetic in their responses.
Also bringing so much self comfort and love to the table. These stones radiate enormous waves of uplifting energy that can fill one’s aura with pure positivity.

Origin Madagascar
How to Care for Mangano Calcite
Mangano calcite a member of the calcite family, it is a stone built from layers of calcite accumulation over millions of years.
Because of it’s a soft stone measuring 2.5-3 in hardness on the mohs scale- we don’t recommend that you wet Calcite, water can a possibly will damage or dissolve your stone.
If you need to remove dust from your calcite stones please use a soft dry cloth to ensure you don’t scratch or cause damage to your stone.

Chemical Compound
Manganese Calcium Carbonate Minerals (CaCO3)

Weight 153grams
Measuring  8cm x 7cm