Mini Intuitive Love Box



This mini Box of crystals & love will be chosen intuitively just for you because the universe knows which crystals are right for you. 

Mini Love boxes can enhance the experiences you have with love, if you’re looking to attract love, express self-love, spread love or nurture any relationship around you.
Love is an inevitable component in our lives and when we give love we feel love and when we feel love we give love in return .
When we act with love our actions, words and thoughts align and create a life that is filled with gratitude & happiness.

By using the energies from the Crystals in this box, they will allow you open your heart, heal emotional issues and find value in yourself and others.

Our Cute mini love intuitive mystery boxes can include different crystal forms such as tumble stones, generators, clusters and raw form.
They may also include inspirational quote cards, candles and jewellery.
Our mini love boxes are amazing value and filled with Knotted Culture Love & Good Vibes always

They make the perfect gift for yourself, friend or loved one.

*  The contents of every box is different and products are chosen intuitively by Knotted Culture 
** Our $39.95 mini intuitive Love Box is a gift box filled with a minimum of $60 RRP worth of beautiful crystals & products
*** Box shape & Size may vary according to contents