Biggs Picture Stone



Picture Stone is a beautiful form of Brown Jasper its’s landscape patterns on its surface, formed over time by nature.

Biggs Picture Stone is a stunning dark landscape jasper stone that’s believed to help us find our place in the world. When we’ve stepped off the path or gone down a path we never intended,
picture jasper is thought to give the time and space alone to sort through things.
Picture stone is known to be a great stone for meditation. It’s a protective and nurturing stone that will bring you comfort during your low days.
It will also alleviate your fears and remove your worries.
Picture-stone  will enhance your creativity and boost your visualization skills, whatever you put your mind on, and whatever you desire, you will find it easier to achieve because it will be very clear in your mind!

Weight 395grams
Measuring 9cm in height, 6.5cm wide and 6cm thick

Origin Biggs Junction, Oregon USA
How to care for Picture Stone
Measuring 6-1/2 to 7 on the Mohs scale making Jaspers durable, yet the best method for cleaning picture jasper is to simply use warm soapy water with a soft cloth or brush.
Be sure to dry the stone  thoroughly before storing.
Chemical Compound
Silicon dioxide