Quartz Singing Bowl - 20cm



For many centuries, music and sound have been used as tools to promote healing and meditation.
A singing bowl is a type of musical instrument that when struck, shaken or scraped, produces sound through vibration.

These bowls are often used in religious and spiritual settings, invoking meditation and relaxation. They can also be used in healing and for treating various illnesses through sound therapy. They are made resonating a different sound note for balancing and healing each chakra.
The sounds singing bowls produce create a kind of energy medicine that is said to fix the broken frequencies of the body, mind and soul.

Each Note for one of the 7 chakras
A- Third Eye Chakra
B- Crown Chakra
C- Root Chakra
D- Sacral Chakra
E- Solar Plexus Chakra
F- Heart Chakra
G- Throat Chakra

Note: Mallet and Rubber O ring included with each bowl.