Rose Aura Quartz Generator



Rose Quartz aura is created pairing high vibrational Rose quartz crystal with the highest vibrational metal- Platinum. It’s Microns are bonded through a special process called vacuum metalising.
The platinum brings its own grounding and amplifying properties that enhance not only the appearance of the crystal, but also its energy.

Aura Rose Quartz carries strong love energies. Keep it with you to enhance your love for romance, friendships and life itself. When you connect with Aura Rose Quartz, you feel infused with the magic of love. This stone has all the natural Rose Quartz properties which are magnified by the Platinum used to create its flashy rainbow, pink sheen.
Rose quartz aura helps increase compassion for others and helps draw love to you.
It enables you to love more fully in return. It helps ease pain and transforms energies in and around the home, calms nerves, heals the heart space, allows for flowing and easy communication, brings peace to the bearer, and more.

Our Rose Aura Quartz is of highest quality quartz with delightful inclusions

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Base width vary from 2-3cm will be chosen intuitively.