Satya Incense Collection



Incense can improve your life in so many ways; you’d be surprised by the wide ranging benefits of burning these hand-rolled sticks! From improving sleep, managing stress, depression and anxiety, channeling spirituality and improving focus and creativity, these Satya incense sticks will elevate your life with their divine aromas.

Since ancient times, incense has been utilised for a host of purposes. Civilisations in Greece, Egypt, Rome, China and India are known to have used incense for meditation, rituals, medicine, insect repellent and more. The famous nag champa incense originated in India where Buddhist and Hindu monks began to use the blend to facilitate meditation. Each temple had their own unique blend, with aromas ranging from sweet and floral to woody and earthy. When Buddhism and Eastern culture began to gain popularity in America in the 1960’s, nag champa incense went on to become what is now the most loved and well-known incense fragrance in the world.

Satya Incense is made in India from a mixture of natural herbs, resins, pure floral extracts and the finest essential oils, which are handrolled onto a bamboo stick. Sticks burn slowly (about 45 minutes) with a wonderful fragrance and lingering presence.

Each stick is approximately 23cm long and Burning time is around 45 minutes
Satya Incense sticks are freshly made in India.
Each Pack weight 15 grams, with approx. 10-12 sticks

WARNING: Never leave burning incense unattended. Keep away from children.