Sodalite Generator



Sodalite Is a grounding stone that brings a sense of calm and encouragement to the mind. 

Sodalite aids in building a high vibrational intuition through truth and Rational thought. Sodalite helps release tension and fears.
It brings an emotional balance and may help you to communicate and feel more comfortable with public speaking.
It enhances self acceptance, self trust and helps one build self esteem.

Sodalite offers the gift of creative thinking and an expanded spiritual awareness by stimulations the bodies envy centre of communication- the throat chakra!
It is said that Sodalite also helps balance out your metabolism and helps boost the immune system.

Your environment can also benefit from Sodalite because of its ability to clear electromagnetic pollution and helps absorb electromagnetic smog.
Place a stone in your office or workspace and instantly enhance the Feng Shui of the space with its cleansing and purifying effects.

Measures 8cm x 2-2.5cm
Bahia Brazil
Chemical Compound
 sodium aluminium silicate with chlorine