Tiger Iron Heart On Vegan Leather



Tiger Iron is useful for self healing and encourages health, personal power, focussed will and mental clarity.

Tiger Iron brings strength, stamina and energy to the physical body.  It is a protective stone for those that are overly spacey or disengaged from the physical plane. Tiger Iron enhances creative expression and allows one to feel more confident and capable of creating ones reality.

How to care for your Jewellery
All jewellery is delicate please handle it with care. Keep your jewellery looking its best by Avoiding to wear with creams and perfumes and always take off before showering.
Your Jewellery can be cleaned by gently polishing with a dry cloth. To protect it against damage, moisture and UV rays (which can affect certain crystals) please store in the protective bag it arrives in.
This product is not Sterling silver

Size of stone: 3cm x 3cm